Delfin makes big changes to the single supplement

Delfin Amazon Cruises, the pioneers of luxury river cruising in the Upper Peruvian Amazon, has decided to do away with the single supplement for solo travellers on two of their vessels, Delfin II and Delfin III.

Two cabins per departure will be available to solo travellers without a single supplement charge, effective immediately.

This is welcomed news for independent travellers seeking a unique luxury Amazon adventure with the world’s first Relais & Chateaux cruise company. After all, luxury travel is not just for couples and families.

“We have seen more passengers travelling on their own in recent years and we want to make the Delfin experience more accessible to this growing market.” – Lissy Urteaga, Co-founder and Head of Customer Service at Delfin Amazon Cruises.

Just last week at Karry On Travel’s Revolution Roadshow event in Sydney, Carolyn Childs from informed attendees that solo travel is one of the fastest growing segments for Australians aged over 65, the majority of which are women.

According to, common concerns for solo travellers include how difficult it will be to meet others and whether they will feel left out if they are surrounded by couples and families.

“While guests can enjoy their own private moments, they are never quite alone. Our vessels carry a maximum of 43 passengers and our skiff and shore excursions are always conducted in small groups, so meeting others happens naturally. It really is impossible not to bond with the other guests when your skiff is suddenly surrounded by pink river dolphins at sunset.”  – Lissy Urteaga, Co-founder and Head of Customer Service at Delfin Amazon Cruises. 

“We see a wide range of ages on every departure, including singles, multi-generational families, single parent families, couples and everything in between. Personally, I find that this brings something special to the experience. Guests can listen in to the inquisitive questions of our well-travelled clients and feel that electric excitement in the children – well, actually I think that feeling is shared by everyone regardless of age.” 

You can book any of Delfin Amazon Cruises’ vessels through your preferred Latin America wholesaler. For more information go to or email [email protected]