Unique Latin America is founded on strong industry relationships and a passion for authentic travel experiences. After 5 years of close collaboration with our clients, Unique Latin America has become a fully integrated part of each of our clients’ sales and marketing teams. From day one, each partnership has truly been an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Tour Operators Testimonials

Australian tour operators are a major stakeholder for Unique Latin America. We work collaboratively on sales and marketing projects, provide unwavering support and detailed product training. Over the last 5 years we have been fortunate to work alongside great people and form strong partnerships with tour operators and travel agents.

  • I have known Rebeca for a number of years now and is a delight to work with. Rebeca keeps in great contact with new products, updates and specials, which reminds us of the great product she represents! We love Rebecas’ visits, she shares her passion for these destinations so easily, which in turn motivates us too. Bec is always happy to assist with any training opportunities! Her knowledge is unparalleled, and no question is too silly.

    Katie Searle, Africa & Latin America Product Executive, HOUSE OF TRAVEL, New Zealand

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Rebeca for many years and she has been an essential resource to our company. Throughout this time we have worked together on joint promotions for our marketed clients to help the growth of our Latin American programs. Her professionalism, knowledge and experience makes working together easy and trouble free. Rebeca is very thorough in her approach, provides various options in product and is always one step ahead in the marketplace. What I enjoy most about working together is that she take the time to know her clients and their preferences, along with the can-do attitude. Nothing is ever too much trouble and it’s reassuring to know she is only a phone call away.

    Gisel Pacheco, Product Manager, South American Travel Specialists, Australia

  • Rebeca is a pleasure to work with, she is passionate about the products she represents with and is genuine in her desire to build lasting relationships that promote mutual growth on all sides.

    Jill Blunsom, Director, Gourmet South America

  • It has been a real pleasure to work with Rebeca over a number of years and I would personally like to recognise and thank her for great knowledge and enthusiasm towards South America. It has been our privilege to have Rebecca as guest presenter at a number of World Journeys organised travel industry events in the past and her vivacious and informative presenting style has been very well received by the agents attending. Congratulations Bec on your new enterprise Unique Latin America, and we look forward to continuing the great working relationship we have into the future.

    Chris Lyons, Director, World Journeys, New Zealand

  • I have worked with Rebeca for the past five years in my role as Product Manager for Latin America for two major wholesalers in Australia. Rebeca has always been extremely professional, showing a high degree of integrity, pro activeness and has earned the respect of myself and colleagues in the industry. Her extensive knowledge on not only her product but her destinations is comprehensive and is of value to her trade clients. Her support to her trade clients has always been constant and is the reason why production and awareness for her portfolio has increased significantly from the Australian and New Zealand markets.

    Carolina Oriani, Product Manager, Chimu Adventures

Client Testimonials

Energy and passion are the words that best describe Rebeca. Her soulful and knowledgeable insights into the products she manages, gives her a distinctive edge when it comes to presenting them, which in the case of MLP has helped us break into the Australian and New Zealand markets achieving important growth in the past years. Besides providing solid networking with tour operator vendors, Rebeca has helped land excellent media relations opportunities which have allowed even greater exposure for our experiences. Rebecca is a pleasure to work with and we consider her a key member of our team.

Claudia Landman, Marketing Manager, MOUNTAIN LODGES OF PERU, Peru

Working with Rebeca is such a pleasure, she is always going above and beyond to get our brand exposed, not only to trade but also media. Her proactivity enhances the experience by having her be a step ahead of a situation and keeping us informed of the market trends & feel. Having a Latin American -in our case Peruvian- REP representing us in Australia makes the most sense for us, since her knowledge of the country, travel experience and general culture appreciation is unmeasurable. Her background experience in Marketing, Communications and Journalism will also bring a lot to the table for the overall brand exposure. I normally try to avoid this, but her commitment to the business will have her open to talking at odd hours because of the time difference, and once we get on the phone there’s no stopping us! Overall, Rebeca Espinoza will give you the loyalty and commitment you need to have someone you fully trust to represent your brand, get your product to be known by the market and ultimately get your sales up.

Ines Orihuela, Commercial Director, DELFIN AMAZON CRUISES, Peru

Thanks to Unique Latin America, Ecoventura has gained more exposure in the travel industry in Australia – and also New Zealand. Since 2013, through her personal visits to travel agencies, tour companies, giving product training and attending trade shows in the region, we have consistently gained market share. For suppliers in Ecuador and South America who seek representation, we are very happy with “Bec” and can highly recommend Unique Latin America.

Doris J. Welsh, Director of Sales & Marketing, ECOVENTURA GALAPAGOS, Ecuador

After 4 years working with Rebeca, the arrival of Australian guests increased by almost 100%, which is something that makes us more than happy. Besides this, we have had great success with the Australian press and journalist visits to the hotel. But the best part about working with her is the dedication and passion that she puts in every day to represent Hotel Las Torres. We are very confident that we will continue to grow together.

Pablo Araya, Commercial Director, HOTEL LAS TORRES, Chile

Thanks to the alliance with Unique Latin America, we’ve been able to show the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest through Rainforest Expeditions. Since working together in 2013, we’ve increased our Australian visitors, making them our second largest market! Rebeca opened an opportunity for us to be well known in Australia, a country with a great interest in real eco-tourism. Thanks to Rebeca for always being there!

Maria Esther Stagnaro, Sales Manager, RAINFOREST EXPEDITIONS, Peru