About Us

Unique Latin America brings to Australia an exclusive collection of unique experiences, lodges and small cruises, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. This collection has been hand-picked with pride. Not only does every experience offer a deeply authentic and rewarding adventure in supreme comfort, but they are also exemplars of sustainable tourism. Each organisation collaborates meaningfully with their local communities and is committed to the preservation of the natural and cultural treasures they share with travellers. Expert guides bring these enchanting destinations to life, through their vibrant cultures, exciting new flavours, and awe-inspiring wildlife and landscapes.

At Unique Latin America, we pride ourselves on knowing our products intimately and work with a wide range of associates to bring out the true potential of these iconic destinations and experiences for the Australian traveller.

We take a holistic marketing approach to all activities. Besides working in the regular sales channels, we take advantage of our many years of experience to offer a unique blend of traditional and non-traditional marketing methods for our partners. Unique Latin America may be seen as an extension of your marketing department – an agency working for its select brands overseas.

Our purpose is to ensure that your business develops and maintains a frontline presence within the Australian marketplace, targeted at your client base and remains highly visible to the travel trade, media and related industry sectors. Our extensive experience in Marketing combined with a real passion for promoting travel to Latin America and its amazing destinations results in a unique and successful combination for our select group of partners.