Peru is a destination of unparalleled diversity. We would forgive you for being misled, but there is a lot more to Peru than Machu Picchu.

That is not to discredit Peru’s greatest cultural and archaeological asset, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. But what you might not know about Machu Picchu is that off-the-beaten-track experiences still exist. There are remote communities that remain unchanged for centuries, vast empty landscapes and numerous archaeological sites to be explored. We urge you to consider going beyond the traditional visit to Machu Picchu, to experience the regions many cultural and natural wonders, for a more authentic Peruvian adventure.

Peru is famous for its mountains, but did you know that Peru is 60% rainforest?
While Brazil is often considered the home of the Amazon Rainforest, there are a few important reasons why the Peruvian Amazon and National Reserves might trump their Brazilian neighbours. Firstly, the Peruvian Amazon has a lot more options for travellers. Whether you prefer basing yourself in the heart of the Tambopata rainforest in an award-winning eco-lodge, or on the rivers of the Pacaya-Samira National Reserve aboard an intimate luxury vessel, the Peruvian Amazon can cater to your select taste of adventure. Logistically, accessing the Peruvian Amazon involves a fraction of the hassle required to reach the wildlife-rich parts of the Brazilian Amazon. If you are planning on visiting Peru, Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to the Tambopata Region Amazon region and is only a 25minute flight from Cusco. So there really is no reason to miss out on the countless wildlife wonders on offer.

Just when you thought Peru couldn’t possibly have any more surprises up its sleeve, the nation’s capital just happens to be a Foodie heaven. Lima is a bustling metropolis. Not only is it full of fascinating museums and architecture, but it consistently hosts 3 of the Top 20 Restaurants in the World. Peruvian cuisine will delight you. The fresh seafood, sophisticated fragrances and colourful modern presentations will blow you away every meal. Be sure to enjoy a Pisco Sour or two while you are busy wining and dining your way through the city.

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