The Galapagos Islands are at the top of most bucket lists, and with good reason. Whether your initial interest was sparked by David Attenborough or Charles Darwin, you would have been mystified by the bizarre yet perfect conditions that created the unique ecosystems and wildlife of each island, which still astound us today. Their remote location has enabled rare plants and animals to thrive and even adapt physically to individual islands, as Darwin first observed. While land-based tourism is increasing, we believe that a sustainable small cruise is the best way to fully appreciate the diversity of the Galapagos. Each island is completely unique and travellers should visit at least 5 to experience the stark contrasts in wildlife, terrain and even weather! A cruise makes this possible, travelling by night so that you can wake to an entirely different ecosystem each day.

Ecoventura’s fleet includes a range of vessels to suit you. While all vessels offer extraordinary guides, exciting activities and impeccable service, they offer varied levels of comfort. Choose between their superior class motor yacht, MY Letty, luxury vessels MV Origin and MV Theory, or their specialist luxury diving vessel, Galapagos Sky.