Sustainability Snapshot: Hotel Las Torres

Every year Torres del Paine National Park receives hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world in search of adventure and pristine landscapes. So, have you ever wondered just how it remains so pristine? Prospective travellers can rest assured that they will be met with the untamed beauty they are searching for, despite its growing popularity.

Protecting the wilderness of the park is at the very heart of Hotel Las Torres, which is situated at the foot of the famous ‘Towers’ and whose history stretches as far back as 1979. Maintaining this vast expanse of land requires many committed hands and a whole lot of love. Hotel Las Torres works in partnership with a not-for-profit organisation called AMA to make sure the park remains sustainable into the future. On top of critical conservation activities such as trail maintenance and waste management, AMA also engages in scientific research and provides essential educational services. They regularly work with Chilean schools to improve environmental awareness through “expeditionary” programs. They also manage the hotel’s Interpretative Centre, where they host scientific lectures, documentary screenings and other events to share unique insights with the wider public, employees and travellers. AMA relies on the hard work of many local and international volunteers and we want to thank them all for keeping one of the worlds most treasured destinations pristine!

You can find out more about Hotel Las Torres and their partnership with AMA here: