Sustainability Snapshot: Delfin Amazon Cruises

You might know Delfin Amazon Cruises as a leader in luxury river cruising, but did you know they are also leaders in responsible tourism?

Delfin Amazon Cruises visits one of the most remote environments in the world, so we are thrilled to spotlight their ongoing efforts to ensure the sustainability of the pristine environments and unique cultures within in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Delfin has partnered with KUYAPA Foundation to engage in a range of initiatives to protect the environment and support native communities. While many Amazon communities are largely self-sufficient, their remote locations severely limit access to basic necessities. Delfin offers support through donations of clothing, medical supplies and educational resources, as well as projects to improve community infrastructure.

But perhaps Delfin’s greatest contribution is their commitment to local artisans, particularly women and children of the Puerto Miguel community. Delfin features many unique art pieces on board their vessels and encourages guests to support remote communities by purchasing some of their colourful works. Along with monetary support, purchasing their artworks empowers individuals and the community at large to value their unique culture and artistic skills.

Guests have the opportunity to visit these communities during their cruise, allowing both guests and locals to interact and learn from cultures that are very different from their own. Well done Delfin Amazon Cruises for leaving a positive mark on the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve as you share it with the world.

Find out more about Delfin’s commitment to responsible tourism here.