What’s Ecoventura doing about single-use plastic?

We love sharing good news from our sustainable travel partners!

Ecoventura has furthered their sustainability efforts by pledging to reduce their environmental impact through a range of new measures which will take effect in the coming months. In May of this year, Ecoventura implemented a company-wide ban on plastic straws and now they are putting an end to single-use plastic bags. By the end of August, they will have also banned the use of styrofoam takeaway containers and non-returnable beverage containers. These latest improvements are in response to increasing concerns about the pervasive environmental consequences of plastics, as well as a welcomed move by the Galapagos Governing Council to ban single-use plastics on the Island. 

Ecoventura has always been mindful of the responsibility that comes with operating in one of the world’s most pristine ecological sanctuaries. Sharing the beauty of the Islands with visitors whilst ensuring that they have a positive impact on the local environment and communities is something the company has passionately considered since day one. In fact, back in 2000, Ecoventura became one of the first recipients of the Smart Voyager certification and in 2006 they became the first carbon-neutral operation in the Galapagos. In addition to an extensive range of environmental and social initiatives, the Owner and President, Santiago Dunn has invested over US$500,000 upgrading the fleet of expedition yachts to meet stringent environmental standards. This includes everything from producing their own fresh water to fitting solar panels and outdoor lighting which does not harm insects.

When designing their newest vessel, the MV Theory, their approach to sustainability remained unchanged but they have been able to implement additional technology and practices. The MV Theory will set sail in March 2019. To find out more visit: https://www.ecoventura.com